What Every Website Own Needs To Know About Media Traffic Generation

by Jack Bower on February 25, 2012

If you want to be successful with any traffic generation methods, you need to make sure you stay extremely consistent with all methods used. Make sure that if you use three methods to start, you keep up all of those three methods and never stop, unless one does not produce.

There are many ways to drive traffic that you many not have thought of before, but that can really help. These are three methods that you need to make sure you do and that you’ll enjoy doing as well.

1. YouTube Traffic

Video will only get bigger and bigger and using YouTube is a great tactic. Again one video will not really work that well but making a consistent show in your market will.

Each video not only needs to be top of the line content but it also has to have a solid call to action of some sort. I personally enjoy sending traffic to an opt in page first before they go anywhere else.

2. A Podcast Radio Show

Listening to podcasts is still extremely popular. It’s typically just as popular as video because you can listen while walking around or while drive which video can’t really do.

A really great tactic to do is record the audio when you’re doing your video show and that can become your audio podcast as well. They work so well because they allow people to not only see but hear the the person behind the website which garners more trust the more you do it.

3. Offline Traffic

It’s very possible to take offline traffic and drive it online. There are lots of options but one way that works it getting on local radio shows.

Another really great way it writing for some magazines which are in your market. This is a huge way to prove your credibility as well as drive huge traffic, just make sure that you prove your knowledge with numbers before you try this.

When it comes to making money online, all three of these traffic driving methods need to be part of your plan. Plus all of these three methods are a lot of fun to do and use.

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