Power of SharePoint Business Intelligence Tool at CCS Global Tech

by Johnson Candry on March 19, 2012

Many of innovative features of SharePoint 2010 helped us at CCS Global Tech to connect better in our business. Report Centre is the new feature of SharePoint Business Intelligence. The Report Center acts like a central repository site for the storage of reports. It also lists connections to the external documents that are shared within a group. This let us to decide the way we wanted to utilize the benefits of the business intelligence within our office environment.

There are various services that are rendered by SharePoint Business Intelligence tool, Excel Services and Key Performance Indicators are a few to name. Excel 2010 is an assessment tool for viewing, manipulating and generating analysis for SharePoint Business Intelligence and helped us in producing reports regarding our organization. Excel 2010 can be used to develop a real-time, collaborative reporting structure and for sharing excel sheets used by our employees and management for analyzing data.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are visual representation of the various goals and advances made by us to achieve our goals and it is an important tool while working with SharePoint Business Intelligence. KPIs are valuable to evaluate our present growth against our various computable goals.

PerformancePoint Services is the service that basically helps us in creating dashboards, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) which deliver a summarized view of our performance. Also dashboards helped us to gather and view the information from different sources such as charts and key performance indicators. PerformancePoint Services helped us to make certain business decisions that suitably matched with our objectives and plans.

SharePoint business intelligence easily integrated with our prevailing infrastructure and completely supported our company’s utilizing resources and tools to improve our overall performance. SharePoint 2010 offered a better clarity of information and visibility which helped us make timely and concrete decisions. Hence using SharePoint Business Intelligence solutions enabled us to organize the vision of our organizations’ growth and to achieve success in our business at every level.

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