New Features for Foursquare

by Diana Smith on July 30, 2012

There are some new anticipated changes in the world of FourSquare. The first being the attractive new design that is one of Facebook caliber. Not only is the design similar to Facebook, but they have also incorporated the “like” and “comment” feature as well. It also integrates with your Facebook account and displays its activity on your timeline, which your friends can see. This is a major plus.

Another appealing feature of this new application is its ability to keep an organized and detailed list of the places you plan on going to, which are all available in your pocket. These are the valuable recommendations your friends have given you, and now they are always available to you any time. You can even save recommendations and tips to your “to-do” list.

This is an appealing aspect for a small business because it allows people to remember your business. Now how can you use this to your advantage?

To be sure with the wealth of social media, clients are motivated with what their pals and peers have an interest in. This is often a huge discovery for nearly any program and application. When people realize that someone by themselves list likes something, they immediately click to find out, because they like be aware. Within your activity feed online, you will notice when pals as being a page, and could hover round the status for a quick overview of the restaurant breakdown, including which from the pals loved it.

Another positive aspect for smaller businesses would be that the remodeled application enables retailers to purchase ad positioning. A great chance, especially with the hype. FourSquare is making exploring new places and types a thrilling event. Situations are searching great for this application, don’t miss this chance to learn from this.

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