King Arthur Would Not Survive Modern Web Marketing

by Rob Sutter on March 20, 2013

King Arthur is tasked with seeking out the Holy Grail and he is backed by his band of loyal Knights of the Round Table. With this silly quest in mind, these men have taken to several obstacles and overcame them in ways that have been, to say the least, laughable. During the Middle Ages, though, it’s easy to see that technology has not yet come to fruition. Arthur may be able to use web marketing, but to what extent and how well he can both remain uncertain.

King Arthur has a goal in mind – without question – but a process seems absent. He likes to play out things as they come and I think that works for a variety of facets, just not searching for a Holy Grail. In addition, Arthur seems to have poor organization when it comes to his Knights, allowing them to go off and get into trouble in their own fashions. Is Arthur really a king in the truest sense or is he simply a mad man who believes he is one?

Arthur’s instances of knowledge are there but I don’t think that anyone is aware just how smart he can be. When one woman is accused of being a witch and villagers are determining items that float, Arthur goes, “a duck.” The expressions on the faces of these common villagers is astounding, to say the least. It seems as though the king has spurts of wisdom and while they seem to come and go, you cannot deny that they are present.

I think that web marketing calls for a set level of intelligence and without it, Arthur is probably not going to be able to work well with it. Those who know of Arthur and his escapades can see just how much of a fool that he comes off of as despite his best efforts. He doesn’t appear to be entirely worried about a job and his focus seems set on being a humorous fellow and nothing short of that, either. Arthur would have to tone down the silliness if he wanted to work alongside a reputable company like fishbat.

It goes without saying that King Arthur is a leader but his skills in being so are in question. He’s an entertaining fellow to watch when it comes to hacking off the limbs of a taunting Black Knight but apart from that, he doesn’t seem to be entirely capable in the real world. If he were to take on such a job, I could see him failing in doing so. Web marketing is an endeavor that requires seriousness, when you get down to it, which is what Arthur seems to fail when bringing to the table.

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