Getting More Facebook Fans For Your Business

by Max Andersen on September 28, 2013

When Facebook first came out, all that users can do is to post, upload a picture, add friend, like and comment. As time goes by new features have been added and who would have thought by then that it will become a powerful tool for business just like today? With an overwhelming 1.06 billion users by the end of 2012, Facebook has become the most visited or busiest site in history of the internet. This had caused many companies to maximize its usefulness because of the potential revenue that they might garner. Facebook is very easy to use and your business can get a lot of fans, followers and buyers if you have mastered its features. With different strategies you can grow a huge customer base which can give you a huge and consistent income.

Buying Facebook Fans

The active accounts in Facebook would seem like an endless list and going through it all will take years. You can approach your potential customers but you have to obtain their names first. However, there is an easier way to get individual Facebook users to like and become fans of your page which can increase the exposure of your business. The first thing that you need to have is an Official Facebook account or page for the business. Make sure that you have included all the details such as location, services, photos and several contact information. You can also add the history or just a small description about your company.

After setting up your page, figure out the block of people who are most likely to buy products from you. Enter the demographic details in Facebook such as sex, status, age and other necessary details. After this, select from Facebook Fan’s sellers such as uSoial Facebook Marketing, Social Kik and FacebookFans. Check the included services, number of fans included in one purchase, prices and the feedback about them before closing a deal. Again, you will have to select the demographics of the group of people who are your target consumers. Now that you’re done with the fans, start the fun by uploading pictures, setup a link to your Official Website and prepare for the payment terms.

Expanding your Customer Base

The quest for customers doesn’t stop after you have bought a block of fans or followers. It is their job to be your fans and there are fewer chances that they will buy something from you as they are in it for an income. They are just start-up fans who can spread the word about your business by sharing your posts. Use them to get more customers for a bigger base and income. One of the best things to do if you have a business page in Facebook is to give away freebies for a lucky or randomly selected fan that will like the page and share it to others. This technique was proven to quickly grow the fans of your page which will give you more sales and profits.

One way of expanding the customer base is by engaging to different social media activities. You can interact by asking questions, add humor or interesting facts and engage in other activities that your fans may suggest. This will attract some friends of your fans and they will probably join the group by becoming a fan. You can ask your current fans to refer more friends and give discounts to motivate them. Lastly you can merge your followers in other social media networks such as Twitter by asking them to be a fan of your Facebook page as well. The strength relies in numbers so continue to interact and engage with your current customer base and monitor the increasing rate in your revenue.

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